Here in Priorat we are making Art


Balancing the high acidity of grapes is an art

Wines that arouse your senses

Here we are producing exquisite old-vine Carignan and Grenache from Priorat. Eduardo Garza’s journey intertwines sustainable farming, diverse cultural influences, and a deep respect for the land. Discover the captivating story behind each bottle, as Garza’s meticulous approach and commitment to terroir produce world-class wines that honor tradition and leave an indelible mark on the global wine stage. Explore the enchanting vineyard plot that were planted 80+ years ago. Experience Garza’s elegant winemaking style, allowing the unique flavors of old-vine Carignan to shine through, resulting in harmonious, balanced, and truly remarkable wines. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where passion, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the land create wines that embody the essence of Priorat.

The passion for the fascinating world of wine

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Blanc 2020

An exquisite blend crafted with grapes from El Molar and La Morera del Montsant. Meticulously destemmed and fermented at low temperatures, resulting in a complex, silky, and crisp wine.

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Rosé 2021

Wine crafted from El Molar grapes. With gentle destemming and skin maceration, it showcases primary aromas, easy drinkability, and a delightfully crisp palate.

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Negre 2020

Crafted with meticulous care. A blend of grapes from different towns and cultivars, resulting in a fresh, medium-extraction wine. Delight in its inviting aromas and smooth mouthfeel.